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Polyurethane Coating
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Specification of Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane Coating

Product Instruction:
Single -component waterproofing coating is a polymer waterproof coating of reactive type of moisture-curable film, it's make of isocyanate and polyether as main material, mixing with solid agents plasticizers and other additives using special technology by high temperatures dehydration and polymerization. Coating it in the substrate, through the reaction between NCO end group in polyurethane prepolymer and moisture in air, which forms tough ,soft and jointless rubber waterproofing film on the substrate.

Product Characteristics:
• Single-component waterproofing coating ,easy to apply ,the requirement to moisture content of the base is not high, it can be applied on the more moist surface, also available on the surface it's relative humidity is more big.
• Polyuretha ne coating film has high strength and elongation , good elasticity, good high temperature and low temperature resistance, and high adaptability to substrate shrinkage and cracks
• Can coat 1 mm to 3mm thick one time, coated film is dense ,no bubbles, and high bonding power.
• Not necessary to brush the substrate treatment agent on the various substrate which is up to the standard.

Application Technology:
• Substrate need be firm, smooth, no sundries, inside corner and outside corner should be made into circular arc, the diameter of insider corner should be more than 50mm, and the outside corder should be more than 1 Omm.
• Ingredient and dosage: according to application dosage, evenly mixing round o use.
• Reference dosage: coating film dosage is about 1.3-1.5kg/sqm when the thickness is 1 mm.
• Large waterproof application, coating uniformity mixed coating with a rubber or plastic scraper, the thickness is onsistent, generally it is 1.5mmto 2.0mm,should be brushed in 3to4 times, the last time brushing should be done after the previous brushing cures and becomes film, and brushing at a ertical direction .Generally as a separate film-forming, for underground project board, should pave a layer of felt reinforced material in addition
• Coating thickness:to nderground project thickness is 1.2to2.0mm, generally 1.5mm;to toilet thickness is not less than 1 .5mm;to multilayer waterproof of exposured roof construction thickness is not less than 1.2mm; to one layer waterproof of grade Ill waterproof ,thickness is not less than 2mm;

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