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Polypropylene Fiber
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09 Dec 2019
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Specification of Polypropylene Fiber

Polypropylene Fiber

Product Introduction:
The high polymer waterproofing polyethylene fiber waterproofing volume material, uses the polyethylene, the excel in polypropylene fiber adhesive-bonded cloth, this outwire partition wall has the ear and the area around it medicinal preparation, the anti-aging opposes Japan the noisy molecular raw material, disposable squeezes out the processing by the automatic production line to be made. Curls the material intermediate level is the waterproof layer and provides for old age the level, high and low both sides strengthen the tack coat, cakes with its necessary use's development's binder voluntarily, reliable, side not curls upwards, the no time to drum, the double-decked waterproofing, forms the complete polyethylene polypropylene fiber polymer cement waterproofing system.

Adaptation Scope:
Is suitable for each kind of roofing, the basement, building waterproofing works and so on tunnel, civil with industrial architecture roofing and understructure work, tank, municipal administration, bridge, subway, project waterproofing and so on dam ,especially is suitable for the durability, the inoxidizability requests the priority project which easy distorts .

Product characteristic:
+ This product is the green environmental protection product, non-toxic, tasteless, does not have the pollution. 23 targets conform to GB/T17219-1998 "Life Tap water To lose Match Water Equipment And Shielding material Safety evaluation Standard request.
+ Because mixed in the anti-aged medicinal preparation, the product to have the very good anti-aging, the oxidation resistance, the anti-corrosive characteristic, flexibility good , easy curving, and does not break off , anti-pulls with the anti-perforation performance is good , conforms to GB18173.1-2012" high polymer waterproofing material first part of &S226; Sheet material" the standard request , may with the construction structure same level life, the polyethylene bury in the sandy soil 80 years not rotten, does not make decent, proved through the examination: -4o ·c does not have the crack, the high temperature +ao ·c not to have the flow.
+ May construct in the moist basic unit, so long as in the basic unit does not have water then to construct, after the heavy rain stops, sweeps the water may construct immediately only, is advantageous in rushed a job the time.
+ Good flexibility, easy curving, to fold easily willfully, to operate. The kitchen health, the swimming pool, the basin waterproofing ,cloudy, the positive angle and the tube root spot exempts makes eight character angles and the arc, may make the right angle construction , avoided the evil ways working procedure pasting the ceramic tile to pick out the bad waterproof volume material, the phenomenon, guaranteed that two times shut the water not to seep.
+ Construction speed is quick, the efficiency is high, the kitchen health, the swimming pool, the basin set up the wall not to need to make the nap and contact surface processing. Glues the ceramic tile directly on the volume material, namely the labor saving reduces effort.
+ Bonds with the volume material necessary use's spot sign polymer cement, is the green environmental protection product. Its primary data is the spot sign rubber which and the cement furnishing this company produces pappy, not only bonds the bonding properties to be good, moreover is in itself together the waterproof layer, may seal up basic unit play the anti-water role, is very loose to the basic unit request, can also get up levels the function.
+ Anti-puncture performance, is suitable for each kind of afforested planter surface waterproofing, the polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproofing volume material anti-perforation performance is good, can play the role which the anti-toot punctures, each target conforms to G B 12953-2003" chlorination polyethylene waterproofing volume material" GB/T17638-1998"Earthwork composition material short Filament Acupuncture Must Weaves Earth the standard request. The waterproof effect is very remarkable, until now does not have a leakage.

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